A backstage peek into the latest PogoPogo’s commercial with Quentin Mosimann

Yesterday, we started the filming of an advertisement for the Belgian cosmetic brand PogoPogo with the Swiss singer and winner of the seventh season of the French TV reality show Star Academy Quentin Mosimann.

The filming was quite frustrating since the set was probably 20 square meter wide, crowded with 50+ people with probably 20% of them being zealous members of the staff and 10 other % being unrelated photographers and cameramen. Special thanks to a photographer of the Nouvelle Gazette, who decided to stay right next to our guest during the whole filming with a huge, gigantic ugly striped colourful shirt just to be sure he’d be engraved on every single footage of the event, as he took blurry pictures with his cell phone with his two Pro-DSLR hanging on his neck so he could just claim he was a photographer. Thanks man, I really appreciate that.

At least, we were able to get some great shots and our guest star Mosimann was really nice to work with.

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